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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) are becoming increasingly popular for managing today’s large and complex websites. The actual content of the website is held in a database; MySql is very popular relational database choice as it is free and is often supplied as part of a web hosting package. The content is retrieved from the database [...]

Selecting an SEO Firm

Selecting a good SEO firm may come from recommendation but check out the firm’s own site to see how highly it ranks in the major search engines; bearing in mind that search engine optimization is a very competitive set of keywords. If possible look beyond simple testimonials and ask for case studies. Talk to existing [...]

Search Engine Optimization Firms

Have you had one of those emails in your inbox claiming that they can make your website No.1 for any keywords? Getting a high ranking for a popular keyword in a major search engine can be extremely lucrative. This particular email isn’t the most extreme example. I’ve come across but two things (apart from the [...]

Enter the Black Hat SEO

People have different reasons for wanting to achieve high ranking but probably tho strongest motivation for the majority of sites employing search engine optimization techniques is money. Some website operators say that the end justifies the means. Some of these sites are content poor, a user is sucked in like a spider down a plug-hole [...]

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The expression “Search Engine Optimization” is something of a misnomer as it is not the Search Engine that being optimized. The phase describes the process of designing or modifying a website in order to achieve high ranking in search engines results pages (SERPS). Search engine company would say that web designer should simply get on [...]

What is Search Engine?

From a user standpoint a search engine is a web page that allows keyword or phrases to be entered and returns results based on the relevance of the documents it holds in its index. Relevance is determined by a set of automated routines referred to as algorithms. Search Engines index many billions of pages of [...]